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2.3 (Raytracer).

, - Ray Buttons.

. Plane. Scale . UVSphere Set Smooth .


. Mirror Transp.

Ray Mirror .



By default, this value is set to 0.00, which is no reflection at all. By increasing this value up to the maximum (1.00), your object will have the same reflectivity as a perfectly polished mirror. Please note that the reflected colors are strictly those of the original environment, whatever is the base color of your object.


In our reality, reflecting objects located near each other will reflect themselves up to infinity, and it is possible to spot in the reflects of one, the reflects of the others. Unfortunately, this behavior will require an infinite time of calculus to reproduce. Most of the time, you only need a recursivity level of two or three to get visually attractive results; because of this, the default value is set to 2. Beware: if you foolishly increase the value of this parameter, you will suffer from from drastically longer rendering time if you have many reflective objects in your scene.


Let's undertake a small experimentation in order to understand this parameter. After a rainy day, go out and stand over a puddle of water. You can see the ground under the puddle. Now, please kneel just in front of the puddle, your face close to the ground, and look again at the puddle of water. The liquid surface part which is closer to you lets you see the ground, but if you move your glance toward the other end of the puddle, then the ground is gradually masked until all you see id the reflection of the sky. This is the Fresnel effect, and this option sets how much of the surface is effected by it; with a 0.0 value, the surface is 100% reflective, even if the casual observer is glancing from above, and with a 1.0 value, it shows only the natural shader of the object.


This option sets the intensity of the Fresnel effect.

F12 . .

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